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How to serve the best 
Christmas Dinner
 even if you’ve never
 cooked a turkey before

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With the Best Christmas Cookbook Bundle, you’ll learn:

How to plan and prepare a Christmas dinner that will wow your mother.
No fancy ingredients required!

3 ways to pick out side dishes even your picky kids will love

How to prep recipes in advance so you can actually enjoy yourself on Christmas Day AND feel like a rockstar because you know dinner is going to taste amazing and be right on time.

The easy way to answer guests when they say, “What can I bring?” Christmas Dinner is even easier when you have extra hands on board and when you delegate the way we’ll show you. 


The Best Christmas Cookbook Bundle

How many times have you wished you could actually host Christmas Dinner without feeling like a failure in the kitchen? 

After all, it’s every mom’s dream to have yummy smells wafting through the house on Christmas morning, knowing that in just a few hours, she’ll gather her family and friends at the table and truly celebrate. 

The kids squeal over the desserts that are off limits (“You’ll spoil your appetite!”) and the adults sneak spoonfuls of stuffing (“I just want to make sure it’s going to taste good.”) 

And you are the center of it all, planning the menu, creating a big happy mess in the kitchen, and making memories your kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Today is the day you stop wishing and start knowing it’s possible.

Because with Carrie and Christina’s Best Christmas Cookbook Bundle, you’ll know exactly how to plan, shop for, and prepare a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth Christmas Dinner that your family will remember for years.

Make 2021 the year you become known for your “famous” turkey or “signature” stuffing. 

Your family will rave about the foods you set before them. 

They’ll think you slaved for days preparing all that delicious, scrumptious food. The mountains of rolls and the table full of pies and cakes. 

Only you’ll know that it was actually almost as easy as cooking a regular Tuesday, with maybe a few extra trimmings. But hey, it’s Christmas! A few extra minutes here and there is worth it, especially when the recipes are so simple and straightforward to prepare. No more guessing over confusing instructions or hunting through store after store for some weird ingredient you’ll never use again. You’ll know it was worth every minute when you see everyone’s eyes grow wide at the feast you’ve laid out. 

The Perfect Christmas Dinner can be your reality!

Most busy moms dream of pulling off the perfect Christmas Dinner. And don’t we all deserve it, especially after living through the last 2 years? If this is the time you’ll finally gather together as a family, don’t you want to make it the most special Christmas ever? 

Don’t leave your Christmas Dinner to chance (or bail on your family and surrender to a dry supermarket turkey dinner). Carrie and Christina’s Best Christmas Dinner Cookbook Bundle will help you pull this off with grace and ease.

It’s a cliche to say that life is short, but it’s also true! Kids are growing up before your eyes. Relatives are getting older. Every holiday you spend with them is precious. Make every one count and take nothing for granted.

Imagine Having the Best Christmas ever!

Get the Best Christmas Cookbook Bundle today and we’ll show you how to serve the best Christmas Dinner, even if you’ve never cooked a turkey before in your life. 

57 Dinner Recipes Including:

  • ​​7 Appetizers
  • ​​7 Main Dishes
  • ​​27 side dishes (including veggies, stuffing, potatoes and mac and cheese)
  • ​​5 Salads
  • ​​5 Breads
  • ​​6 Drinks

53 Christmas Desserts including:

  • ​10 Cookies
  • ​10 Fudge
  • ​11 Pies and Cakes
  • ​10 Brownies and Bars
  • ​12 No bake Desserts

110 Christmas Dinner
 and Dessert Recipes!

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